Note:  This report was filed by Hohn Ishmael of RLF Ministries, Bangalore, on September 2, 2008



Sikkim was formerly an independent county ruled by a king. But after the political unrest in 1975, Sikkim became one of the Indian states. The entire state is mountainous with some of the towns and villages located at the height of 6000 meters! The world’s third highest mountain Kanchenjunga towering 8598 meters is on the border of Sikkim and Nepal! The major portion of the boundary of the state is shared with Tibet in north and the North West, the country of Bhutan in the south east, India in the south and the county of Nepal is in the west. The state is divided into 4 districts viz. North district with the capital as Mangan, South with Namchi as the capital, Gangtok for the East district and Geyzing as the capital of West district.



The Lord opened the doors to organize the very first Bible Prophecy conference in Sikkim in the capital city of Gangtok in 2006. As a result of this conference, the pastors of Gangtok actively began to preach and teach Bible Prophecy in their own local churches. The organizers along with other pastors have seriously committed to take the message of Second Coming to the nearby towns and villages and thus the fire was kindled for Bible Prophecy in these Himalayan Mountains. Since the first conference, the organizers have been praying and planning for a second conference in another district headquarters with a vision to cover all four districts with the main conferences. The pastors committed themselves to take the message to smaller towns and villages after the main conference at each of the district headquarters. This is a visible proof of their hunger for the Prophetic Word and the deep desire to spread this message to others living in the inaccessible high mountains! The seed which was sown and the finances invested in the first conference did not go in vain but brought thirty fold, sixty fold and hundred fold results! I praise God one single individual who sponsored the entire cost of the first conference and it is our prayer the Lord will bless him and reward him richly for this tremendous blessing he brought forth for these dear pastors.


Though the invitation was on for the second conference in Sikkim immediately after the first conference, due to financial constraints the conference became a reality only this year. The arrangements began with prayer mobilization in the local churches of Gangtok and Namchi. As the news broke out of the planned conference, the pastors in Gangtok began calling their friends in Namchi and surrounding areas encouraging the pastors to attend the conference and never miss it at any cost. So excitement began to build up among the pastors and leaders of Namchi for the conference. Though we planned the conference for only 100 delegates, many more pastors began to register. It was impossible for the organizers to turn away these pastors who are very eager to learn Bible Prophecy. As we shared the situation with one of our prayer partners who was also the main sponsored of the conference, amazingly he stepped in to sponsor the expenses of the additional pastors. The organizers closed the registrations with 228 delegates out of which 200 attended the conference each day.


The conference was held for two full days in one of the largest towns of the Himalayan state of Sikkim. Each day started with Praise & Worship followed by devotions. I taught in four session everyday covering various aspects of the End Time events. The teachings were translated into Nepali language the local language of Sikkim. The pastors heard the subject of Bible Prophecy for the first time and they were amazed at the truths recorded in the Scriptures regarding the Second Coming of Jesus. Some of the delegates brought cassette recorders and recorded the entire sessions while others took down the notes. The eagerness of these pastors to learn Bible Prophecy shows the great hunger they have for this important subject which is totally ignored and never been taught in these Himalayan Mountains. The eagerness to learn and the receptivity of these pastors for the prophetic Word gave us the deep satisfaction that all the efforts, time and the money we invested in this conference is not in vain but on the other hand has brought forth results beyond the expectation of any of us. After my last session on the second day, the organizer led in the closing session and challenged all the delegates to carry forth this important message to their own congregations and the churches in the surrounding towns and villages. It was amazing to see very single delegate who was present there stood to their feet and made a sincere commitment to teach and preach on Bible prophecy in their ministries. What an exciting way to end this conference with a total satisfaction in our hearts to see the Holy Spirit is already at work in the hearts of these pastors and leaders! We deeply express our praises and thanksgiving unto the Lord for rewarding all our efforts in a fruitful manner and for the excellent returns of all the funds we invested into this conference. 


I thank every one of you who prayed for the conference particularly two individuals who contributed the entire finances required for the same. Eternity will show the results of your sacrificial investment in this conference. It is my prayer the Lord will bless you and reward you richly for your involvement in reaching the pastors of Sikkim with your prayers and finances. As a follow up of this conference, please pray for the pastors who will carry forth these teachings to the pastors in the villages and smaller towns of this region.  Please pray for the organizers as they want to plan two more conferences in Sikkim in West and North districts in the near future. I close this report giving all praise and Glory to the Lord for the marvelous work He has done and is still doing in Sikkim. Thank you Lord and thank you each one of you.


Sincerely in His Service,

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