September started with Daniel visiting from the US (Shlomit and the other boys did not see him for almost a year) and the celebration of Shlomit’s 50th Birthday with many friends, Jews and Arabs, Believers and non-Believers we had a great time. The special blessings was that 3 of my cousins came too. Please pray for their salvation.
Last week the Arab ladies from the Village next door joined again with the women of our congregation for a prayer meeting. It is the third or fourth time it takes place and again it was a source of great blessings when women opened up and prayers and tears were poured before the Lord. Thanks for your prayers!
Yossi is gone for a couple of weeks, so I am by myself for  this time. Yesterday a husband of one of the women in the congregation died suddenly and she is in shock. The funeral was today (Jewish customs is to bury the person as soon as possible). He was not a believer. She now needs to learn to take care of herself and the family by herself. We are walking with her. Please pray for S.
Thanks for all your prayers for us at this time and thank you for all the encouragement you sent our way! We are still praying about our future and will let you know as soon as we decied.
God bless you all and we appreciate you VERY much!
In Yehsua,