Principles of Islam


                                    THE PILLARS OF ISLAM


1.      Confession  (Shada)

2.      Prayer (Salah)  Five times a day facing Mecca

3.      Almsgiving (or the religious tax) Zakat

4.      Fasting (Ramadan) Only during daylight hours for one month, eat when dark

5.      Pilgrimmage (Hadj) To Mecca and the Kabbah (enthroned Black Meteorite rock)


The Sixth Pillar is Jihad (Mu-jahadin—Holy Warriors)


There is the “High Jihad” or the Spiritual Jihad (expemplified by Sufi Muslims)

“Low Jihad” is struggle—political (using all means of persuasion), economic, social, and through violence to foster the Quran’s teachings and laws.


The doctrine of ABROGATION

            --Old Testament supplanted by

            --New Testament supplanted by

            --Quran (earlier teachings) supplanted by

            --Quran (later teachings)


The Allah of Islam is a god of change.  He is not a covenant-keeping god.


The doctrine of DECEPTION

            --Kithman (example—suicide as martyrdom)



Four reasons for a Muslim to LIE:

1.  To save your life      2.  For social reasons

3.  To a woman    4.  For struggle in the cause of Islam (or Allah).




1.  Quran (means “recitation”—oral)     2.  Hadith (tradition—acts and sayings of the prophet Mohammed)    3.  Fatwahs (legal rulings by mullahs)


                        --historical precendents based on life of Mohammed    


                        ISLAMIC HISTORY

            --based on life of Mohammed

            --Islam is a missionary religion

                        --the call (Dawa)

                        --jihad is the call of jihad

                        --the goal of jihad is the subjugation of a nation and ultimately the world


                        TORIKA is “the way” (of Islam)