THE LAST HOUR,” a 30-minute TV show focusing on Israel and the Jewish people as God’s prophetic timeclock, is telecast weekly over--



                        LOS ANGELES AREA


Adelphia Cable (Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Bel Air, W. Los    Angeles, Century City, Westwood, Saturdays on CH.77 at 4:00 PM);

Time-Warner W. Valley (San Fernando Valley, Sundays on CH.34 at 3:30 PM);

Charter Cable (Malibu & Agoura, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays & Tuesdays, CH.3 at 6:30 PM);

Adelphia - Ventura County (Thousand Oaks, Westake Village, Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Saturdays on CH.25 at 10:30 AM);

Adelphia-East Valley (Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Sun Valley, Studio City, Universal City, Toluca Lake, Sundays on CH.25 at 3:00 PM);

AT&T Broadband A (Hollywood, Venice, West L.A., Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Saturdays on CH.43 at 5:00 PM);

AT&T Broadband B (Westminster, Playa Del Rey, Landera Heights, Lennox, Hawthorne, and Windsor Hills, Sundays on CH.37 and CH.38 at 5:30 PM);

Adelphia Cable-Simi Valley, Wednesdays on CH.19 at 4:30 PM);

Adelphia Cable-Burbank (incl. Glendale, La Canada, Sundays on CH. 25 at 2:00 PM);

Adelphia Cable-Pasadena (Sundays at 6:00 PM on CH.56 at 6:00 PM).



                  OTHER CALIFORNIA SITES


Ventura County 


  Adelphia-Ventura County (Calabasas, Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo, Oxnard, and Ventura City) on Sundays Ch.8 from 3:00-3:30 PM,


                                  Orange County


Garden Grove  Cable Television on Sunday on Ch.3 at 6:30 PM.               


             Santa Clarita Valley


Comcast & Time-Warner Cable on Thursday on Ch.20 at 5:30 PM.


                              San Jose


Comcast Cable, Sundays on Ch.30 at 4:00 PM.


                              San Luis Obispo County


Charter Communications on Saturday Ch.8 at 10:00 AM.


                              Riverside County


Time-Warner Cable for the Palm Springs area on Ch.17 Tuesdays and

Fridays at 2:00 PM, and Sundays at 7:00 PM.


My 13 TV for the Palm Springs area on Ch.13, Sundays at 5:30 AM.




                              NEW YORK

                              New York City

New York City, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (Saturdays on Ch.16 at 6:00 PM);

Brooklyn, BCAT Network (Wednesdays on Ch.35 at 1:00 PM);

Cablevision-Hauppage (Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, Saturdays on CH.1 and 99 at 6:00 PM);

                              Long Island


Cablevision-Woodbury (Nassau County, Long Island, NY, Fridays on CH.71, or CH.25 and CH.96 [w/converter], at 11:30 AM);

Cablevision-Riverhead (The Hamptons, Long Island, Saturdays on Ch.27 at 3:00 PM).

Cablevision-Riverhead (The Hamptons, Long Island, Saturdays on Ch.27 at 3:00 PM).




Tuesday and Thursday on Ch.15 at 8:30 AM.




Sundays on Ch.12 at 11:00 AM.


Finger Lakes


Sundays on Ch.12 at 11:00 AM.



                 NEW JERSEY


Cablevision of Rockland County (Northern New York and New Jersey, Thursdays on Ch.27 at 11:00 AM.


CONNECTICUT  (New Haven, West Haven & Hamden)


Citizens Television Network shown on Ch.28 on Thursdays at 7:30 PM


                              WASHINGTON, DC 


  Run as “Specials” weekly on Ch.6  (Inquire at DCTV for times).






  Adelphia Cable, Fridays on Ch. 13 at



                              DALLAS, TEXAS


Dallas Community Television (Dallas-Fort Worth area, Wednesdays at 3:00 PM , Thursdays at  9:00 PM and Saturdays at  6:30 PM on Ch.14b.


                              RENO, NEVADA


Southern Nevada Community TV, Ch. 16, Sundays @ 6:00 PM



                                ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA


  St. Paul Neighborhood Network (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 3:00 PM on Ch.34.




Cox Cable (Saturdays at 10:00 PM, Sundays at 1:30 PM and Mondays at 10:00 AM, all on Ch.18.


                              HAWAII COUNTY, HAWAI


Na Leo O Hawaií (Saturdays at 3:30 PM and Sundays at 2:30 PM seen on  Ch.54 in West Hawaii and on Ch.2 in East Hawaii.





SATV 7 Television on Thursdays at 9:30 AM.



                              LINCOLN, NEBRASKA


Time-Warner Cable, Sundays at 10:30 PM, Channel 13.




SNCT-T, Sundays at 6:00 PM on Channel 16.


                              FOREIGN COUNTRIES



Nationally, JOY Radio/TV Sundays @ 7:00 PM;

Christian Radio Station Studio, Wednesdays @ 5:00 PM;

Northern Nigeria (Muslim Area): Christian Radio,

Sundays and Fridays, 5:00 PM and @ 7:00 PM;

Akwa Ibom Radio & TV, Sundays, Saturdays & Tuesdays,

5:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.






      Sponsored by Chosen Ministries, “The Last Hour” is hosted by author David Chagall, whose published books include The New Kingmakers, The Sunshine Road, Surviving The Media Jungle, and Target, Special Victims of the Holocaust.   “The Last Hour” is produced by photo-journalist Juneau Chagall and co-hosted by marketing executive Steve Solomon and hospital administrator Steve Van Singel.



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