Special Victims of the Holocaust

The untold story of Hitler's War Against the Ashkenazic Jews while virtually ignoring the Sephardim. Shedding new light on the Holocaust, its historical roots and aftermath, it presents new insights into the perplexing questions of "Who is a Jew?" and what it means to be "Chosen."

Before World War 2, there was a total of sixteen million Jews in the world--over one fourth were Oriental Sephardic or Spanish/Portueguese Jews, tracing their ancestral lineage from the Twelve Tribes of Israel, scattered by conquering invaders in a series of expulsions. Adolph Hitler engineered the genocide of six million Jews, almost all of them Ashkenazic or European Jews.

Who are the Ashkenazics and why did their legacy result in persecution and death? Why have the Sephardim called the Ashkenazics "Tudescos"--Ladino for Teutons? This important book shifts the basic question of the Holocaust from "Why the Jews?" to "Why the Ashkenazim?"

Challenging the myths of religious bigotry and historical revisionism, TARGET shows just where the true bloodlines of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are centered. On a deeper level, it explores the more complex geo-political roots of anti-Jewish feelings, the amazing number of prominent and influential Ashkenazim, and their key role in the emergence of modern Israel.

Timely and incisive, TARGET presents new and incontrovertible genetic evidence that supports the long-overdue examination of "Who is a Jew" and who exactly are "The Chosen People." Buffered by strong historical evidence and documentation, this is a work that will forever change the way the reader looks at the complex question of Jewish identity.


For over 20 years, David Chagall was a research project director for The Roper Organization. Turning to investigative reporting, he served as a contributing editor (politics and media) for TV Guide, and a political analyst for ABC Radio, and the Christian Science Monitor.

Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Awards, he is the author of six other books, including THE NEW KINGMAKERS (Harcourt Brace, 1982), THE SUNSHINE ROAD (Thomas Nelson, 1988), and SURVIVING THE MEDIA JUNGLE (Broadman & Holman, 1996). Biographical sketches appear in Who's Who In America and Who's Who of International Writers.

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