Who is David Chagall?      


      Before specializing as an investigative journalist and political analyst, David Chagall spent fourteen years directing research studies for Chilton Research Services and the Roper Organization, overseeing projects for such clients as R.C.A., Westinghouse, the United States and Swedish governments, and political campaign consultants.

      Over the past twenty years, Chagall has carved a solid reputation as an investigative reporter with solid research skills, earning journalism honors (Penney-Missouri, Distinguished Health Journalism awards), along with biographical recognition in Who's Who In America, the London Gold Book and International Writers Who's Who.

Writing regularly for such national magazines as TV Guide and Family Weekly, and regionals like New West, Los Angeles and Emmy, Chagall has served as a Contributing Editor for both TV Guide and Los Angeles Magazine. Following in-depth interviews with the top political strategists from both major Parties over a five-year span, he dramatized their operational tactics in his seminal book on political campaigns (THE NEW KINGMAKERS, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981). This work re-enacted the landmark Presidential campaigns of modern times, from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Wilson Reagan. The book appeared in condensed form in several hundred newspapers through the New York Times Syndicate, sold out three printings and was adopted as a political science text by major universities.

      From 1982 - 1986, he served as publisher of Inside Campaigning, a monthly report focusing on developing trends and strategies in elective politics, whose subscribers included the White House, the Democratic and Republican National Committees, U.S. Senators and Members of Congress from both Parties, the major Television Network News departments, trade unions, political consultants and pollsters.

      The author of six other books, including THE SUNSHINE ROAD (an autobiographical retrospective of the sixties and seventies published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1988), SURVIVING THE MEDIA JUNGLE (dealing with the impact of electronic communications on American society, published by Broadman & Holman, 1996), and TARGET, SPECIAL VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST (published by Xlibris, 1999), Chagall's works have been nominees for the for the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize In Letters. He is also a contributing author to TELEVISION TODAY (Oxford University Press, 1981), THE WORLD'S GREATEST COMEBACKS by Robert A. Schuller (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1988), and MEDIA & MORALITY (Prometheus Books, 1999). Recipient of a Carnegie Award, he was also named Honorary Member of the Mark Twain Society for his "Distinguished Contributions to American Literature."

      In 1984, after a long and tortuous path through the jungle of New Age religion, he came to faith in the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ. His pilgrimmage has been chronicled in previously cited "THE SUNSHINE ROAD," co-authored with his wife Juneau. Past chairman of the Elder Board at Agoura Bible Fellowship, a General Baptist church in southern California, Chagall has served on the board of deacons, teaches adult Sunday school and sings bass in the church choir. Over the past five years, he has taught numerous classes and lectured on various Biblical subjects, both at his home church and to outside churches and audiences.

      Chagall frequently appears on television and radio talk shows. He has served an Election Eve Political Analyst for the ABC Radio Network and as a member of the Christian Science Monitor's "Political Pundit" panel, with his campaign analyses and observations cited regularly throughout many election cycles.

      He has guested on a wide range of secular and religious talk shows, including appearances with Merv Griffin, Regis Philbin and Tom Snyder, the "700 Club," the Moody Radio Network, "Talk From The Heart" with Rich Buehler, and "John Stewart Live" . He and his wife Juneau are featured with Pat Robertson in the CBN video "The New Age Movement", produced by the "700 Club."

      Chagall is currently director of Chosen Prophetic Ministries, based in Agoura, California, dedicated to the study of Eschatology (End-Times) as revealed by Biblical prophesies, current events, the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people, God's "prophetic time clock." Since December of 1995, he has hosted a weekly cable-TV show called "The Last Hour," screened in many American cities stretching from New York to Hawaii, presenting Last Days developments in light of Christ's imminent return.

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