If you now are not able to receive The Last Hour on your cable system, and would like to act as our local sponsor, here is a simple way to do that and by doing so, bless many others.

Public Access Cable Television requires someone living in the cable area (even if not a current subscriber) to request that they cablecast The Last Hour on a regularly scheduled basis (preferably on Saturdays or Sundays).


All you need to do is:


1. Call your Cable company and ask for the Public Access program manager.

2. Ask for an application to air a show regularly.

3. They will ask for a sample show to audition, along with your completed and signed application.

4. Call Chosen at (800) 373-0545 or fax us at (818) 889-3711 or write to P.O.Box 85, Agoura CA 91376, or e-mail us at "" and we will send an audition tape to the name and address you specify.

5. Once the cable company gives you the go-ahead, we will assume all responsibility for providing broadcast tapes on a timely basis to your cable provider. Your job is done and you will have blessed many.

And may God bless you richly for volunteering to help spread The Word on a regular basis through the ministry of The Last Hour.